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The team at FSSI inspects sprinkler systems for both commercial and residential customers throughout the state of Indiana. Each inspection is conducted per NFPA-25 standards to ensure a complete and thorough evaluation of the current state of materials and equipment, as well operational functionality.  The inspection process typically includes:


  • Visual inspection of all exposed system equipment, piping, fittings, and sprinkler heads

  • Operation of valves and moving parts

  • Testing for functionality of critical activation components

  • Checking for compliance to applicable governing codes

  • Follow-up with customer to discuss violations and deficiencies, as well as recommended remedies


Why Have My Sprinklers Inspected?


It is essential and required by code and insurance companies to have the fire protection system in your building inspected.  Should disaster strike, you want the security in knowing it will perform as desired. The integrity of your building, and most importantly, the lives of your employees and residents are counting on it.

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